COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Response

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Community Support


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges in the multifamily housing industry, especially for income restricted properties. With services and amenities all but entirely shut down for residents, the responsibility to provide support to communities remains, perhaps more so now than ever.

Commonwealth has assumed a very proactive approach to ensuring the safety and comfort of the residents of the communities we serve. We have ramped up our support for our management teams in addition to closely monitoring the pandemic and its effects on our communities. One of the ways we aided in safety was by providing face masks and gloves for management teams so they would be properly able to assist visiting current and prospective residents.

To assist our residents in quarantine, we have provided sundry bags of personal hygiene products and established food pantries on site at several properties. These have been especially beneficial for our senior residents who have limited mobility. We have distributed “Boredom Buster” gift bags filled with activity books for both youth and adults. We took care to organize resident services and events that adhere to social distancing guidelines, including virtual bingo and book clubs. We also organized youth activities such as educationally themed coloring contests. Finally, some of the most well received activities we have set up include our “Grab ‘n Go” luncheons, where residents have the opportunity to safely visit with management and staff while picking up provisions.

Commonwealth’s stance is that residents need to be provided safe outlets for interaction and support during this crisis. As the pandemic continues, so shall we to provide creative solutions to the challenges the multifamily industry faces.

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